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Metropolitan Gabriel of Nea Ionia and Philadelphia: Open a humanitarian corridor in Gaza

His Eminence Metropolitan Gabriel of Nea Ionia and Philadelphia sent a message about the war in the Holy Land and especially in Gaza.

Read the full message of Metropolitan of Nea Ionia below:

We have all been watching the bloody war in the Holy Land and especially in Gaza. We are grieved and indignant. But I do not wish to send a political message.

I want to call in every direction for the need for a humanitarian corridor to be opened immediately, so that aid to the displaced Palestinian civilians can reach their hands.

Both as an Orthodox Metropolitan and as a human being, I cannot turn a blind eye on to the violation of human rights.

People are dying of hunger and lack of water.

“Life has no color, religion, language and gender.

Every life, every person are equal.

Israeli or Palestinian, Jewish or Muslim, Orthodox or Maronite, all of them are people and children of God.”

I call on the powerful on earth to think about the crime that is taking place.

We need to help them.

We must stand by them and fight against every injustice, every act of terrorism.

“To save people in Southern Gaza.

To open a humanitarian corridor.”

And may God stop this bloody war.

Every life is worth living!