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Mendoni: British Museum lost argument that Parthenon Sculptures safer in London

Against the backdrop of the scandal of the theft of hundreds of valuable objects from the British Museum, Greece’s Culture Minister Lina Mendoni stressed that the institution’s argument for the non-return of the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece has collapsed.

In an article published in the Ta Nea newspaper, Mendoni commented that the unprecedented case of theft, in addition to criminal and moral responsibilities, raises a question of the credibility of the museum organisation itself.

“The latest argument of the British that the Parthenon Sculptures are supposedly more secure than they would be in the Acropolis Museum has collapsed,” she noted, describing the need to reunite the marbles in Athens as “an act of justice.”

Citing an article in the Times of London, she stressed that “those who have been opposing the return of the sculptures to Greece for 50 years are harshly critical of the British Museum.”