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Memory of Saint Kallinikos, Metropolitan of Edessa

The Synaxarion of the Orthodox Church helps us, through modern hagiology, to confirm that the Saints lived the miraculous event of the uncreated light of the Transfiguration with their life and work, as the Apostles Peter, James, and John experienced in union with the Saviour Christ.

The light given by the Lord helps the Saints to withstand with joy, strength, and courage the temptations and various hardships until the end of their earthly life. At the same time, those initiated in the uncreated grace of the Trinity are like luminous islets and help us during our own spiritual struggles to remain moral, honest, and authentic throughout our lives.

Following the decision of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate on 23 June 2020, we think that the canonisation of Metropolitan Kallinikos of Edessa confirms what it was said above. The Orthodox Church commemorates today a new Saint, whose holiness was ascertained and recently proclaimed by the faithful themselves.

Metropolitan Kallinikos was an ascetic Bishop, who, according to testimonies, became a Saint when he reposed in the Lord. He was born in Sitaralona, Agrinio, in 1918, and was raised by a poor family.

He graduated from the Theological School at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and was ordained deacon and an presbyter by his brother, Metropolitan Konstantinos of Didymoteicho, in 1957. He served as secretary and preacher of the Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnania.

On 25 June 1967, he was ordained Metropolitan of Edessa, succeeding Dionysios of Edessa. The ordination was performed by Metropolitan Dionysios of Trikkis and Stagon, who was previously the first Director at the “Apostolos Barnabas” Theological School of the Church of Cyprus.

Saint Kallinikos devoted his life to charity, and prayer. He was meek and honest and left his pastoral work as a legacy to the Metropolis of Edessa. The faithful the Church ascertained and proclaimed the holiness of life, which God had revealed. If there is no evidence, then he will be forgotten.

The people who knew him spoke of his spiritual devotion, his devotion to the Church, and the path he followed in his life with love and fear of God.

He passed away on 8 August 1984, the day that the Orthodox Church commemorates him. He was an example for all faithful and especially for the Bishops of the Orthodox Church.

Source: Church of Cyprus