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Lighting sparks blaze in Corinthia on another hard day for the Fire Service

A bolt of lightning sparked a wildfire on a remote hillside in Lafka in Corinthia on Monday evening, state broadcaster ERT reported, saying the blaze started at around 6 p.m. in woodland.

Four water-dumping airplanes and two helicopters assisted crews on the ground until nightfall, as 30 firefighters continued to battle the blaze.

Greece’s Fire Service responded to 34 wildfire calls in 24 hours in what was already a difficult stretch of several days of scorching heat and strong winds that sparked dozens of blazes all over the country.

Of those 34 fires, 30 were brought under control almost immediately and four continued to burn on Monday night, the Fire Service said.

Given forecasts for another very hot week ahead and notwithstanding natural causes like the Corinthia fire, it also issued a plea for citizens to be extremely careful when engaging in any activities that could start a blaze.