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Holy Synod of Patriarchate of Georgia: We condemn wars in Ukraine and Gaza and we pray for peace

A new session of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church was held on November 2 under the presidency of Patriarch Ilia II of Georgia.

During the session, the Holy Synod pointed out that both at an international and at a regional level, the situation was very difficult and dangerous. Thus, their main concern is peace to prevail.

It was concluded that from the very first days of the start of hostilities by Russia in Ukraine, the Patriarch of Georgia called for an immediate termination to the conflict, which, otherwise, would have very serious consequences.

In addition, the worsening of the situation in the Middle East puts the whole world at great risk.

As a result of the wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, there are many casualties, that is innocent people, children and elderly people. They die together with soldiers. Infrastructure, housing, religious or other buildings are also destroyed. In general, there is violence in religious places as well.

The Church of Georgia expresses its deepest sorrow and sympathy with the victims of wars. Everyone will join their forces, will pray and will ask God to grant peace to Ukraine, the Holy Land and the whole world.

The Holy Synod also addressed the matter regarding holy baptism. Namely, a wrong practice is spread – there is an excessive number of godparents. Therefore, according to the canons of the Church of Georgia, there must be one godfather or godmother.

According to historically established tradition, it is allowed to be a man and a woman but for the baptism of an adult, the godfather or godmother must be of the same sex with the person who will be baptised.

In addition, the Patriarch of Georgia asked the priests to make a brief report on the current situation in their dioceses. The Holy Synod heard a review on the situation of nuns and priests in the temporarily occupied areas of Tskhinvali and Akhalgori and the churches and monasteries there.

Source: Patriarchate of Georgia