Greek CEOs more optimistic about post-pandemic economy

Greek CEOs are more optimistic over economic and business developments the day after the pandemic, KPMG said in a survey on the 2021 CEO Outlook.

The survey is based on the views of 1,325 CEOs from 11 significant global markets and 50 CEOs from the Greek market.

Specifically, 76% of Greek CEOs (and 60% globally) expressed certainty about the growth outlook of the global economy, while 82% of Greek CEOs said they were certain about the growth outlook of the country’s economy (up from 66% before the pandemic).

Eighty percent of Greek CEOs said they were optimistic about the growth outlook of their own enterprise, with mergers and acquisitions playing a critical role in efforts to further growth and boost digital potential.

Eighty-four percent of Greek CEOs (and 87% globally) said they wanted to reach M&A deals within the next three years.

Ninety-two percent of Greek CEOs said they will be increasingly more responsible for progress in dealing with social issues.

Forty-six percent of CEOs in Greece (and 30% globally) said they planned investments of more than 10% of their revenue, while 84% of Greek CEOs and 75% globally said that global leaders needed to act more urgently to address climate change.

Forty-six percent of Greek CEOs (and 37% globally) said the majority of their workers will continue to work from home twice a week, while 56% (51% globally) were seeking investments in common office spaces.


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