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Greece: Vaccination appointments for children aged 12-15 to become available on Friday

Vaccination appointments for children aged 12-15 will become available on Friday, as announced by Health Secretary General Marios Themistocleous during Monday’s regular live briefing on the coronavirus pandemic.

This will be possible at the online platform by the children’s parents, using their taxisnet credentials. It will also be possible for parents to book these appointments at Citizens Service Centers (KEPs) and at pharmacies. Parents will have to accompany their children to the vaccination centers.

Themistocleous also broke down the vaccination rates per age group, starting with the youngest groups since the recent opening of the platform for them.

Here are the percentages of all who have so far received at least one dose of a vaccine, followed by a second, slightly higher percentage which includes booked appointments:

⦁ 15-17: 5 pct (7 pct)

⦁ 18-24: 34 pct (36 pct)

⦁ 25-29: 45 pct (47 pct)

⦁ 30-34: 48 pct (50 pct)

⦁ 35-39: 51 pct (52 pct)

⦁ 40-44: 58 pct (60 pct)

⦁ 45-49: 64 pct (65 pct)

⦁ 50-54: 67.6 pct (68.4 pct)

⦁ 55-59: 71 pct (72 pct)

⦁ 60-64: 74.9 pct (75.4)

⦁ 65-69: 79 pct (80 pct)

⦁ 70-74: 78.1 pct (78.4 pct)

⦁ 75-79: 83.8 pct (84.1 pct)

⦁ 80-84: 71.7 pct (72 pct)

⦁ 85 and older: 70.9 pct (71.3)

Summarily, a 53.4 pct of people in Greece have received at least one dose of a vaccine, while a 46.8 pct have completed their vaccination, noted the health expert.

Some 1,390 people have applied for home vaccinations, with some 410 having so far received Johnson & Johnson’s single dose vaccine.

Another 5,000 people in the country’s remote areas have also been vaccinated, he noted.

Also speaking at the briefing, chair of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou said that the committee has provided its full endorsement for the vaccination of children aged 12-15.

A rapid increase in new cases of coronavirus infections in children and teenagers is observed in Greece currently, she noted, as children are a source of the virus’ dispersion.