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Greece: No tolerance for parents who violate school rules

The government will not show any tolerance for parents who demand that their children attend classes at school without tests and masks to contain the spread of the coronavirus, its spokesperson Yiannis Oikonomou insisted on Tuesday.

“The government and the educational community cannot tolerate such behavior. There are specific laws, provisions and instructions that are clear,” he told Skai Radio, adding that those who want to impose their reasoning on others and violate the law will face legal consequences.

“Measures and the vaccine are synonyms for the word ‘Freedom,’” he added.

Oikonomou made his remarks amid growing concern among health experts due to an epidemiological spike in northern Greece, and especially Thessaloniki, where yet another incident involving a defiant parent occurred on Tuesday.

The father disrupted the operation of a local school, threatening teachers and a school principal after his son was forbidden from entering the premises without the results of a self-test.

The 37-year-old father reportedly barged into the school, refusing to leave, while allegedly preventing other students from entering.

The principal called the police and filed a lawsuit against him.

He was indicted by a local prosecutor later on Tuesday and will stand trial on Friday.