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Fires flare up in West Attica, Rhodes and Peloponnese

The rekindling of fires in West Attica, the island of Rhodes and Lefkohoma in Laconia are occupying extensive firefighting forces by land and air, Fire Brigade press spokesperson Lt-Colonel Yiannis Artopoios said.

He reiterated that residents of the areas of Agia Sotira, Paleokoundoura, Panorama, Paleohori (West Attica) were notified by the 112 emergency messaging system at 4.25 p.m. to evacuate toward Inoi, north of Dervenohoria’s fire, while another message at 5.40 p.m. called on Inoi residents to evacuate toward Erythres, further north and closer to Thiva.

In a later update, the Agios Ioannis Korakas residents in West Attica were also asked to evacuate to Mandra, further south toward Elefsina.

In the greater West Attica area there are 11 firefighting airplanes and 11 helicopters, including the four aircraft provided by Italy and France to Greece through the EU’s RescEU mechanism, the spokesman sid.

Recent rekindling of the fire in the Laconia region created new fronts southeast of the settlement of Lefkohoma, which are being fought by strong land forces as well as four aircraft and one helicopter.

On the island of Rhodes, there are multiple rekindlings of fire on the mountain range in the center of the island, and three aircraft with two helicopters are operating there.

Artopoios said that “all the forces of Civil Protection working with regions and municipalities are expending great efforts to limit the fires that are out of control. Conditions have become extreme and create active fire fronts.” He noted that another two airplanes were added to firefighting forces by Israel on Thursday.

Overall in Greece there were 62 forest fires in the last 24 hours, most of which were put out early on, he said, while he warned of the forecast for temperatures rising to new highs as of Thursday through Sunday, and the high threat of fire in all of Greece.

Evacuation orders were issued via the emergency number 112 for residents in the area of Inoi and also of Agia Sotira, Paleokoundoura, Panorama Mandras and Paleoxori in west Attica, due to a rekindling of the wildfire at Dervenohoria, it was reported late afternoon Thursday.

Source: AMNA