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Fire threatens homes in central Greek cities of Lamia and Volos

Residents in the northern sections of the central Greek city of Lamia, at Fthiotis region, were ordered to evacuate their homes late afternoon Wednesday, as a fire has crossed the Lamia-Domokos road and is heading to the area of Nea Magnissia, a few miles east of the major city.

Some six farms and several homes closer to the approaching fires in Nea Magnissia have already been evacuated.

Two PZL-type water bombers and one Erickson helicopter are operating in the area, alongside strong firefighting forces on the ground.

Meanwhile, in the prefecture of Magnissia, eastern central Greece, the villages of Sesklo and nearby Dimini, both between Velestino and Volos, were evacuated as a precaution late afternoon Wednesday due to a fire raging at Velestino. (The homonymous Neolithic settlements of high archaeological value are located outside modern Sesklo and Dimini.)

The residents also of Palikouri and staff at the Volos Industrial Estate (the industrial area outside the central Greek city) were all ordered via the emergency number 112 to evacuate toward Volos.

The fire in the Velestino area fire broke out at 2:30 p.m. and quickly grew due to strong winds. Firefighting forces from the city of Volos were battling the blaze, which is burning its way through low brush towards Aerino, south of Velestino. Deputy Mayor of Rigas Fereos town for civil protection Dimitris Pallikaris said some settlements in the foothills of Velestino and around it have also been evacuated to the center of Velestino.

Magnissia Region Deputy Governor Dorothea Kolindrini spoke of a difficult situation with the fires in the region, while Thessaly Region Governor Kostas Agorastos requested more firefighting forces at Volos and Magnissia overall.

Another fire broke out at 3:00 pm. in the Krokio region at the municipality of Almiro, in the centre of Magnissia, burning low vegetation.