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Feast Day celebrations at the Metropolitan Church of Saint Euphemia, Chalcedon

There, which was a place once alive with life, where people experienced great moments and historical events, was the place where Saint Euphemia the Great Martyr was born, lived, raised and was martyred. The place where the Holy Fathers of our Church met during the Fourth Ecumenical Council, in the place where the countless souls of people who lived, suffered, created and flourished now rest. In the place where people persevere and continue to take care of the lamp of Faith and keep the flame of hope unextinguished, on Saturday, 16 September 2023, the memory of Saint Euphemia, the Great Martyr, was commemorated. At the Holy Metropolitan Church of Chalcedon, the feast day of Saint Euphemia was presided over by His Grace Bishop Smaragdos of Daphnusia, Assistant Bishop of His Eminence Elder Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon.

On the day of the feast, His Grace Bishop Smaragdos was joined by Archimandrite Evgenios Karatzas, Protosyncellus of the Holy Metropolis of Chalcedon, as well as by the Parish Priest Protopresbyter Father Naucratios Fourountzoglou and Deacon Father Asterios Bardaktsis. Clergy and a large number of believers from Constantinople, Chalcedon and abroad, as well as the General Secretary of the Chalcedon Community, Archon Hartoularios, Mr. George Stephanopoulos, attended the church service.

At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, the Artoklasia (Blessing of the Five Loaves) took place for the health and length of days of the members of the Chalcedon Community and the faithful pilgrims who came to celebrate the holy feast of Saint Euphemia.

His Grace, after first addressing words of thanks to the local Shepherd, Elder Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon, conveying his paternal wishes and his blessing to the faithful, spoke appropriately about the life and martyrdom of the Saint, wishing many years to all those present, for Saint Euphemia to intercede at the heavenly altar and for all the faithful to follow in her footsteps, to have her as an example in faith and bravery.

In the forecourt of the church, after the Divine Liturgy, a festive meal was offered for everyone, which was generously and lovingly offered by the Community of Chalcedon

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