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Establishing Mobile Passport Application Units in remote areas abroad

«Following cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Citizen Protection, Mobile Passport Application Units are being established for Greek citizens residing in remote areas abroad.

In this regard, and with the goal of deepening cooperation to further enhance the consular services provided to Greeks all over the world, Mr. Kotsiras met today with Mr. Oikonomou at the Ministry of Civil Protection.

Specifically, the Greek State introduces for the first time the possibility of establishing Mobile Units for collecting passport issuance documentation from Greek citizens residing in remote areas, either in countries where our Embassies are accredited or in the consular region of our Consular Authorities.

The Mobile Units will be staffed by personnel from the relevant Consular Authority, equipped with the necessary tools. The Mobile Units will be deployed upon the recommendation of the head of the respective Consular Authority, the approval of the Central Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as concurrent notification of the Ministry of Citizen Protection’s competent Department.

Mr. Oikonomou stated: “The institution of Mobile Units for collecting passport issuance documentation facilitates the service of our compatriots residing abroad in remote areas, thus enhancing the quality of service provided by the Greek State. The Greek Diaspora is at the center of our policies, by introducing practices that make their lives easier”.

On his part, Mr. Kotsiras stated inter alia: “Our main objective is to serve the needs of Greeks living abroad, even in the most remote areas. Having created a special section on for Greeks living abroad, we are now launching an additional initiative to improve consular services for the Diaspora. Thus, we demonstrate in practice that we are working towards a modern and friendly state for all Greek citizens, wherever they may be”.

During the meeting between Deputy Minister Giorgos Kotsiras and the Minister of Civil Protection Giannis Oikonomou, ways to harness digital technology were also explored to further enhance consular services and provide faster service to Greeks living abroad».