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Early 13th century castle in Peloponnese to get fire protection

The Ministry of Culture on Thursday announced the start of work to protect the site, staff and guests of a stunning castle built by the Franks in 1220 in Ilia in the northern Peloponnese from wildfire, but also from possible blazes inside the fortress.

Chlemoutsi Castle – which started life as a stronghold for the crusader rulers of the Principality of Achaia and was known as Chateau Clermont before being called Chloumoutzi by the Byzantines – is regarded as one of the finest examples of its kind in Greece, chiefly thanks to its excellent state of preservation.

The ministry’s plan includes installing safety lighting and creating evacuation routes within the walls of the castle, while inside the main keep, which operates as a museum, there will also be maps, fire extinguishers, emergency exits and other essentials to keep people and artifacts safe.