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Church of Greece: Vaccination is the only solution to stop the virus

The hierarchs discussed during the meeting the course of the pandemic and the need for vaccination.

They decided, among other things, to urge the flock to be vaccinated against the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, they agreed that only the Holy Synod should speak, which will express the view of the Church of Greece.

The aim is, in this way – to limit the individual different views that confuse the faithful – by both priests and Metropolitans.

In addition, the Minister of Health, V. Kikilias, and Professor Sotiris Tsiodras were present during the meeting, who informed the Holy Synod about the course of the pandemic and the need for vaccination.

Specifically, the Standing Holy Synod decided:

a) To send to the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and the Holy Dioceses of the Church of Greece an Encyclical to inform the faithful about the spiritual and canonical teaching of the Church on pandemics, recommending prayerful vigilance and frequent participation in worship.

b) To recommend once again the free choice of vaccination as the exclusive and scientifically tested solution to stop the spread of the virus.

c) To remind that the sole authority to express the views of the Church of Greece on all issues raised is the Standing Holy Synod as the constant “synodal voice”, and its Representative, Metropolitan Athenagoras of Ilion, Acharnes, and Petroupolis is the only exponent of its decisions to the Media.

d) To control and limit every irrational and individual voice attributed to the synodal state of the Church and its long-standing canonical Tradition to avoid the scandalization of the faithful and the endangerment of the health of all.

108,711,006.09 euros were spent on the charity project in 2020

Also, the Standing Holy Synod was informed by the Synodal Committee on Social Welfare about the final data of the recording of the Charitable work of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and the Holy Metropolises of the Church of Greece for the year 2020, according to which 108,711,006 euros were spent.

Source: orthodoxtimes