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Archbishop of Helsinki to Kirill: “For Christ’s sake, wake up and condemn this evil!”

“Over the past month, Russia has repeatedly shown that it is not seeking to avoid civilian casualties in its war in Ukraine. We have been following powerlessly the flow of news with its images of bombed to ruins residential houses, hospitals, and churches.

Today we have been made to see and hear something that is hard to believe. Russia’s actions in Bucha and other Ukrainian towns and villages no longer represent the horrors of war, but human evil at its worst. As the international community has stated, these are war crimes for which Russia will receive a verdict in due course.

“The leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church has so far stood by the state leadership to bless this war and even present it as a legitimate, “holy war,” says Archbishop Leo of Helsinki and All Finland.

“Now is the high time for the Church in Russia to realize that it has gone astray.”

”I appeal directly to the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill: Remember the promises you have made before God as a bishop and patriarch. They must be accounted for before the Almighty.

For Christ’s sake, wake up and condemn this evil. Use your influence to promote peace. Do your best to end this war. I pray that humility and wisdom from God will guide you.”