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Archbishop Makarios of Australia at the celebrating Church of Saint Nektarios, Wollongong

The celebratory events of the Parish – Community of St. Nektarios Wollongong, in honour of its patron saint, were attended by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia.

Specifically, His Eminence visited the city of Wollongong on Tuesday afternoon, November 8, and officiated at the Festive Vespers on the feast of Saint Nektarios of Pentapolis, joined by the Chancellor of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia, Archimandrite of the Ecumenical Throne Very Rev. Father Christophoros Krikelis, and also by many priests of the city of Sydney, Australia.

The Priest-monk Father Damaskinos, from the Holy Monastery of Xenophon of Mount Athos, attended and joined in prayer, who, following the Archbishop’s exhortation, preached the Divine Word.

Father Damaskinos referred to the gifts and virtues of the honoured Saint, emphasising in particular his obedience to the will of God which qualified him to acquire the virtue of detachment. He also analysed the concept of “detachment”, which presupposes the renunciation of man from his own will and from his attachment to material goods. Urging the faithful to turn to God with the prayer “Thy will be done”, the saintly monk pointed out that a person who understands these words is always happy. “The real Christian”, he added, “no matter what happens to him, no matter how many difficulties he encounters in his life, he says ‘Glory to God'”.

In addition, Archbishop Makarios of Australia spoke briefly about the special personality of Saint Nektarios, who stood out for his patience and never negotiated his obedience to the Church, even when wronged. “For this obedience of his, God rewarded him,” His Eminence pointed out, “and the more people wronged him, the more God blessed him.”

Afterwards, His Eminence addressed the congregation with fatherly words, emphasising the importance of amity and unity, while expressing his satisfaction with the continuous progress of the Parish-Community of St. Nectarios Wollongong, praising for this, and thanking warmly, the President Mr. Athanasios Tzortzis and the Parish Council along with him, as well as the Parish Proistamenos, Father Anastasios Bozikis.

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