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Alzheimer’s researchers in WA make breakthrough finding that could unlock new treatments

Perth researchers have made a revolutionary discovery in the fight against Alzheimer’s, identifying the likely cause of the killer disease.

They have found that toxic fat proteins can leak into the brain through the bloodstream.

Over time the leaked proteins create plaque-like deposits which cause the disease.

The research reveals for the first time that the toxic protein is developing outside of the brain.

The breakthrough finding could unlock new treatments and prevent Alzheimer’s from developing in the first place.

Rob Jack cared for his wife Margaret for years before her Alzheimer’s became too much to handle at home.

She can’t make conversation now, but she tries.

The mother of three was diagnosed at just 60.

The former teacher had enjoyed five years of retirement before she began to deteriorate.

In the early years of her diagnosis, Margaret took part in various drug trials, in the hope that the progression of her Alzheimer’s could be slowed.

Now Curtin University researchers have unlocked fresh hope for the future with their revolutionary new study.

In the same way that cholesterol was discovered as a major risk factor for heart disease, these researchers believe they have identified a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s – one that they can treat.

The breakthrough study has now kicked off a clinical trial that could see the treatment of Alzheimer’s in the form of a simple tablet.

It’s a tablet that’s been used in the past to reduce cholesterol.

Now, it could be just one new option of many that could prevent and treat Australia’s second-biggest killer.