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Acropolis’ anti-lightning protection to be revamped

The country’s top advisory body on the protection of antiquities has approved a plan to install new telescopic lightning protection masts on the Athens Acropolis to safeguard its monuments against lightning strikes.

The plan, which met with the unanimous approval of the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), also involves the extension of the grounding system. The new system will complement the four ionization rods that were installed on the site after a lightning strike in 2019 injured four people.

Under the plan, four 16-meter telescopic masts will be erected around the perimeter of the Propylaea and a fixed 2m one next to the existing lightning rod. A 24m telescopic mast will be placed 2m east of the Erechtheion, while four 20m and two 16m telescopic masts will go up around the Parthenon’s perimeter.

At the Herod Atticus Theater, conductors will be placed at 5-metre intervals around the stage.